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BG Glazing Group’ Quotation Procedure

At BG Glazing Group, we feel that keeping our Customers informed is a crucial part of our day to day operations. Below is the procedure we follow to ensure that we provide you with a timely, competitive and accurate price.

Estimating Procedure

When a quotation form is sent through to us, it is logged onto our estimate database and is assigned an estimate number that will be shown on all quotations as follows, E9874. Any revisions to the original price shall be displayed as E9874/REV1.

When our estimating team receives your quotation we will endeavour to confirm the receipt of your request by contacting you through an email or a telephone number that is provided to us through your enquiry.

During this phase, we will provide you with an estimated return date and you may be asked for any other relevant information that is still required to enable us to return the quotation on the estimated return and also to provide an accurate quotation respectively.

If, after 5 working days, we haven’t had any feedback a member of our staff will contact you to make sure that what was provided to you met your expectations.

If for any reason we are unable to quote, a standard decline letter shall be sent to you explaining the reason. Over the years, BG Glazing Group has built up many contacts within the glazing and construction industries so please don’t hesitate to ask us if you still need someone to find the solution that you require.


Thank you,

Team @ BG Glazing Group

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